Teaching and Projects

I enjoy teaching and I am constantly thinking of ways to  improve my teaching approaches. It’s a never ending project and that’s probably one of the many reasons it’s so interesting.  I have over 15 years teaching experience with students ranging from 5 to over 70 years. I have experience of teaching in several educational institutions:

In 2011 I was awarded the University of Lapland’s Teacher of the Year 2011 prize, which gave me that extra boost of energy to continue with the challenge of trying to become a better teacher. Since 2008 I have been teaching Media Education and Educational use of ICTs at the University of Lapland’s Faculty of Education. These are the courses that I will be teaching during the academic year 2017-2018:

  • MKAS2222 Kasvatustieteilijä työelämässä (3 ECTs) [Educational Scientist in Work Life]
  • TVTO0105 Pedagogisia näkökulmia tieto- ja viestintätekniikan opetuskäyttöön (4 ECTS) [Pedagogical Viewpoints on Educational Use of ICTs]
  • MEDU2207 Introduction to Global Media Education (5 ECTS)
  • MEDU2208 Theoretical Approaches to Media Use and Psychosocial Well-Being (5 ECTS)
  • MEDU3105 Internet Use and Psychosocial Well-Being (5 ECTS)

I am presently working in the following research & development projects:

  • LOVO – Lappilaiset osallistavat verkko-oppimisratkaisut, ESR-hanke 2016-2018 [LOVO – Participatory eLearning Solutions in Lapland] (website presently in Finnish only)
  • Arktista pedagogiikkaa, ESR-hanke 2016-2018 [Arctic Pedagogy]
    (website presently in Finnish only)
  • DigiGO! – Digitalisaatio koulutuksessa, oppimisessa ja osaamisessa, ESR-hanke 2017-2019 [Digitalization in Teaching and Learning]
    (website presently in Finnish only)
  • Davvi guovddážis – Focus on the North. Digital learning for pre- and inservice teacher education, funding: Norgesuniversitetet, coordinator: Sámi University of Applied Sciences, 2017.